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Hire A Designer Handbag Today

A beautiful designer bag is coveted by many women (and even a few men!). Those that don’t openly fawn at a curvaceous Chanel or a yummy Yves Saint Laurent, secretly wonder it would be like if they could afford one.

Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce, Christian Dior, Gucci, and Burch also make some exquisite handbags. Their creations can easily cost over a thousand dollars to buy.

Like all fashion accessories that are highly desirable, these handbags are unreasonably expensive, thus off-limits for many people.

Fortunately, in 2017 there are more and more places for you to rent designer bags, and this has numerous advantages if you could afford them or not!

Designer Handbags For Rent!

More and more women in 2017 are choosing to rent luxury handbags – and there are a few reasons apart from saving money (although that is a big one!).

8 Reasons To Rent A Designer Bag

1. Keep Up With The Latest Fashion

Fashions change a lot and it can catch you unprepared. Renting a luxury bag allows you to be one of the first in your social group to be seen wearing the latest designs without making a significant investment.

2. Try Before You Buy

Say goodbye to “Buyers Remorse” when you rent your next luxury bag! You’ll be able to see it how it performs out in the wild and not just in the boutique.

Many handbag rental services also sell their rentals at a discount to the retail price, too!

3. Keep In Tune With The Season

Fashions change as quickly as the weather, and unseasonably warm (or cold) weather calls for different kinds of products us ladies need to step out in style.

It’s important your handbag can also adapt and be as spacious or as light as you need it.

4. Travel Light

I hate traveling. Deciding which bag to take and which bag stays at home. Only to get to the other end and have an unexpected “obligation” to attend. And instantly wishing I brought my Fendi instead.

Being able to rent one and return it before my flight cuts down on my carry-on and keeps me happy!

luxury designer handbags

5. Better “Cost Per Wear”

You never do actually “regret” buying a luxury bag – but I certainly feel guilty from time to time. Especially if it justs sits in the closet wishing it was “in-play!”.

If you have a one-off function, or just fancy a change in style for a few days, renting a designer bags will keep those pangs of guilt at bay,

6. Avoid Clashing With Friends

There’s always that one friend, isn’t there?  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but most of the time it’s a real pain in the ass!

If you know come hell or high water your “friend” will likely wear the same bag to an event, you can play a neat switch-a-roo with a rental!

7. Your Bag Will Always Look New
(even though it’s not)

Before the purse is sent out to the user it is looked over and approved by management, to make sure it’s not overused and looks as a good as new.

8. Always Have That “New Bag” Feel!

Getting a new Chanel or Gucci certainly gets my neural receptors firing! Renting means you don’t have to worry about a credit card hangover the month after as well!

Designer Handbags For Rent Worldwide

If you’re thinking it’s not the done thing to rent a handbag, it seems the rest of the world might disagree with you!

In America, Canada, Britain, Germany and Australia businesses have opened to serve a large customer base and the concept is spreading rapidly to other countries.

Where To Rent A Luxury Bag

There are several handbag rental services that offer the gorgeous and pricey handbags for rent.

The rental services, many of which run from website stores,  provide women a more economical way to bring color and a lot of glamor to their wardrobe.

If you run a google search, you’ll be able to find a least half a dozen that serve your city!

To Buy a Designer Bag or To Rent?

Well, renting a designer bag certainly gives you more choice.

Companies are using the concept of designer rental and they are doing very well. They have designers likeGucci, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and many more.

Some of them have even more exclusive collections where you could be hiring extraordinary and lush purses. No knock-offs are accepted and their purses are only acquired from authorized sellers.

Rental & Membership Fees

The obvious downside of renting is paying a rental charge every time you want to use a designer bag.

The rent amount can be quite hefty and you have to arrange to pick up and return the bag to the store. There might be huge deposits as well.

If you are interested in borrowing designer items you also might have to pay a joining fee / membership fee and a deposit.

So, Buying Is Better?

To put it simply, to save the hassle, it is always a better idea to buy your own handbag. Handbags increase in value over time and you can actually take your bag with you each time, without worrying about anything else.

There is talk online about luxury designer handbags being the next big investment!

However, you do need to weight up the many advantages of leasing a designer item. Before you spend $3000 on a designer handbag, just think how many bags you could have rented. You can constantly keep up to date with the latest fashions, too!

Renting allows you to have several “It bags” and absolutely no buyer’s remorse!